Our oceans are suffering from over fishing and pollution.

The Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) used on the Langsand Laks farm removes the negative threats to the oceans and wild fish stocks from pollution. As the closed containment farm offers a barrier to the environment while creating a bio-secure facility.

Langsand Laks is not only operating an energy efficient RAS system, it is protecting our environment on a larger scale. By generating geothermal and wind on-site, Langsand Laks is working with the local climate to deliver the energy it needs for operation without contributing to the changes in our global climate.

Langsand Laks is proud to be located in Denmark. Denmark is not only a leader in manufacturing wind turbines it is also a pioneer in subsidizing its energy usage with renewable sources.

Facts at a glance

  • 1

    No impact on the ocean
    Purified and recycled water

  • 2

    Natural Resources
    Geothermal cooling & heating
    Utilizes wind power

  • 3

    No risk of predators
    No risk of parasites like sea lice

Thue Holm holding fish