Collaboration leads to committed partnerships.

The Langsand Laks project would never have been realized without the vision and knowledge from some of the biggest names in the Danish and Norwegian seafood industry. Their commitment to achieving a fully sustainable Atlantic salmon alternative has been unwavering and their success in creating the worlds first commercial sized land based farm is without question.

Polar Salmon

AquaPri is a Danish supplier of luxury, handpicked seafood. They manage all stages of their specialty sustainable seafood products from farming to sales and distribution to ensure their customers receive the highest quality available.

Atlantic Sapphire

Atlantic Sapphire is the world’s first fully sustainable Atlantic salmon brand and the providers of Oceanus a complete land based farming system available to entrepreneur farmers wanting to enter the Closed Containment sustainable fish farming business.

Billund Aquaculture

Billund Aquaculture is a world leader in designing and creating Recirculation Systems for the aquaculture industry. They are the engineers of the Langsand Laks farm.

Polar Salmon

Polar Salmon are Master curators known for their handcraft specialty smoked seafood products made in old-fashioned smokehouses along coastal regions of Denmark. They also prepare specialty portioned seafood products and gift boxes for the seafood market.

Supporters and Collaborators

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